““Success is knowing that you have done all you can to become the best you are capable of becoming.”” – John Wooden

Zak and Kristina met in law school. When they first met, they were at different stages of life but on their third year of law school, they had a class together and ended up in a small group working very closely. Their friendship blossomed. One night, they both attended an ugly sweater party at the Salty Dog Saloon with all of their friends. The night started off with everyone celebrating being done with another semester of law school. Then, a few long island’s and a couple dances later, Kristina and Zak were the only ones left at the bar. Zak was a complete gentleman and made sure she got home safely.

Their first real date was at a bar called Gator City, for 25 cent well night. Kristina walked up to the bar where Zak was sitting and he pulled out .50 (in change) and told her he would buy her a double. He placed $0.50 on the bar. Kristina laughed and she hooked.

There is a John Wooden quote Kristina used to have up in her room – “success is knowing that you have done all you can to become the best you are capable of becoming.” Zak and Kristina both live by these words. Zak is one of the hardest working people Kristina knows and he holds himself to standard higher than anyone else could. He will bring this same tenacity to their marriage.

We were so honored that Kristina and Zak flew us down to Tampa for their wedding. When we arrived, we were greeted with the warm and sunny Florida weather – a great treat for us New Yorkers. That day we made our way to the Vinoy and got some establishing shots of the venue and the surrounding area. At night we met up with Kristina, Zak and the rest of their bridal party and family for a celebration of beer and food in anticipation of the follow day’s festivities. We went to bed with our belly’s full and our hearts happy.

The day started with Kristina and her girls getting ready in one of the Vinoy suites. Hair and makeup were being done in a room not too far away. Kristina’s gorgeous Martina Liana gown and Christian Louboutin shoes were on display as we walked into the suite. Her bridesmaids were full of energy – they even had a small dance party to late 90’s/early 2000’s throwbacks by Britney Spears and *NSYNC. It took a lot not to put our cameras down and not join in! Kristina’s Mother helped get her into her gown which was followed by an intimate moment when Kristina opened a card and and a bracelet with the coordinates of the Vinoy given to her by Zak.

Zak and his groomsmen also got ready at the Vinoy, enjoying some down time before all the events took place. After getting dressed, hew as given an autographed Florida Gators National Championship football – something Zak loved!

Kristina and her dad shared a special moment which we were so happy to include in the film. Their ceremony was outside in the garden area and was the perfect backdrop for their own personal vows that they wrote to one another.

Once they were pronounced husband and wife, it was time for the fun! Josh Walter and Phase 5 Band had the whole wedding up on their feet and dancing to their great music.

We also would like to take a quick moment to thank Josh & Rachel Best of Best Photography – they were an absolute delight to work with. We couldn’t have asked for a better photography team to work alongside that day.

The Vinoy Wedding Video by Michael Justin Studios