Look around you. Who are you sitting by? A friend? A stranger? What if I told you that person would eventually be your husband or wife? Crazy, right? For Julia and Eric, what started out as a class writing assignment, ended in the most improbable way. Julia and Eric both attended Yale University and were in a freshman writing class together. They were paired up and given the task of editing each other’s papers. On their walks to and from class, they would chat. At first about nothing in particular: the weather, class assignments, general freshman college banter. But as time passed, those conversations became personal and more intimate. They got to know each other…and they liked it.

They remained friends throughout college and when they graduated, they moved near one another. It wasn’t until Julia finally suggested to Eric that they date one night, that they became more than friends.

Since that fateful day in freshman writing class, Julia and Eric have been each other’s rock. They’ve endured. They’ve grown. The Yale Club Wedding was a celebration of their long journey together…one that has many more miles to go.

The Yale Club Wedding Film by Michael Justin Studios


Cinematography: Michael Justin Films
     Lead Cinema: Michael Justin
     2nd Cinema: Edison Koo
     3rd Cinema: Donnell Culver
Photography: Be Creative Photography
Venue: The Yale Club of New York
Stylists: Styles on B
Band: Joel Young Band from Hank Lane
Flowers: Fine Flowers by Kelly and Co
Bridal Footwear: Jimmy Choo
Bridal Dress Designer: Anna Maier
Bridal Shop: Hitched Salon