Did you know that we offer a ‘honeymoon package?’ Take some of our cameras with you on your honeymoon, snap photos and videos of your travels, and when you return we’ll take everything and make a totally rad video. Here’s one from my own honeymoon to South Africa.

If you missed them, here are some of the photos we took while on the trip:

Day 1 – Traveling to South Africa!

Day 2 – Safari (Exeter River Lodge)

Day 3 – Safari (Exeter River Lodge/Dulini Lodge)

Day 4 – Safari (Dulini Lodge)

Day 5 & Day 6 – Knysna

Day 7 – Da Kelders

Day 8 – Great White Shark Diving

Day 9 – Franschhoek

Day 10 – Cape Town

Day 11 – Table Mountain

Day 13 – Cape of Good Home/Cape Point