Destination weddings are a blast – hard work, but extremely rewarding. When we shoot a destination wedding, we typically arrive early the day before the wedding. We spend the day getting to know the area, scouting the locations we want to film, and capturing some b-roll that will be used later in the edit. We are also typically hired to shoot at the rehearsal dinner, which in my opinion allows us to capture more intimate speeches often too personal to say during the wedding. What we’re left with is great material for the final film.

You may recall Natalie and Ryan from Ryan’s amazing proposal film that we put together last year. If you don’t remember, check it out HERE. From the moment Natalie said “yes,” we were anxiously awaiting their wedding.

Ryan and Natalie decided on a beautiful location for their wedding weekend – Sebasco Harbor Resort. Sebasco’s a privately held destination resort located in mid-coast Maine, 48 miles north of Portland. When we arrived in Portland after the short plane ride, we picked up our rental car and drove through the scenic roads. Maine is a beautiful state with gorgeous landscapes. When we arrived at Sebasco, we knew this was going to be an awesome wedding.

The first day we spent exploring the grounds and capturing b-roll to establish the location of the film. Later that night we met up with Ryan, Natalie, and their friends and family for the rehearsal dinner, a lobster bake filled with great food, a bonfire, and s’mores.

We woke up that next morning to bright sunshine and mid-70 degree weather. Ryan and his buddies played some candlestick bowling while Natalie and her girls enjoyed mimosas and getting their hair and makeup done.

After a touching first look along the water, Natalie and Ryan were declared husband and wife. It was a fantastic wedding day and we were so happy to be apart of it!


Destination Wedding Cinema: Michael Justin Studios
     Lead Cinema: Michael Justin
     2nd Cinema: Marty Robbins
Photography: Angela Greenlaw Photography
Florist: Harmon and Barton Florist
Venue: Sebasco Harbor Resort
Entertainment: Brick Park Band