“I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.”


So how did we get to Jaclyn and Ryan’s Orienta Beach Club Wedding? Jaclyn and Ryan met when they were only months old – their parents would pick up their older siblings from the same daycare, carrying them under their arm. Their parents always joked that it was the older siblings that would one day get married. Jaclyn and Ryan grew up, lived their separate lives of course, and never knew about the other person…until softball brought them together again. Jaclyn was in a women’s league softball team and Ryan lived nearby. He had a friend on the team and one day rode his bike to the game to watch. Conversation sparked and the two hit it off.

They went on their first date – a double date actually – where Jaclyn had trouble ordering between chicken fingers and grilled cheese. Ryan suggested they order both and split the meals. She was hooked. He was everything she had ever dreamed of in a man – kind, gentle, loving, smart, good looking – and loves comfort food. What more could she ask for?!

Their families have a strong connection to Fordham University – Ryan’s father works there and has for over 30 years, while Jaclyn’s father went to school there. It was the perfect setting for their ceremony. After getting married we hit up the grounds of Fordham, the softball field of course, and ended the session at Orienta Beach Club, where Jaclyn and Ryan were planning to have their wedding reception.

Since the wedding was set in Fall, Jaclyn decorated the tables and entryway with pumpkins, colored leaves, and other autumn inspired decor. They finished the night dancing to Sound Active Events, who had the whole room partying. What a fantastic day we had at this Orienta Beach Club Wedding! Michael Justin Studios did both photography and cinematography at this wedding.

Jaclyn & Ryan’s Orienta Beach Club Wedding.