I typically write these blog posts in the third person since I consider our work a product of the efforts of many. Although I must give a special shout out to my beautiful wife Jackie for assisting me during this photoshoot (she held the reflector, as seen here), I figured it would be more suiting to write about my mother in the first person.
My mother would die for her children. She’s the most selfless person I’ve ever met. Each year as another holiday, birthday, or event that justifies a gift approaches, I struggle with getting her something that shows my appreciation for everything she’s done and continues to do for my family and I.

I believe I got my passion and talent with a camera from my mother. Throughout my life she was always behind the lens. Big moments, small moments, important moments and even insignificant ones – she was always there, camera in hand. Bookcases of photo albums and VHS tapes of documented life moments fill our house and yet, she’s hardly in them. When mother’s day approached, I knew I wanted to get her in front of my camera.

My family has been spending summers in Amagansett Long Island for almost thirty years. My brother, sisters and I have some of our fondest memories playing in the ocean, sand dunes, and riding bikes around the neighborhood. The best part is, not much has changed. Photographing my mother in this special place was the perfect “thank you.”

After the shoot wrapped and Jackie and I headed back to New York City, I received the following text from my mother: “Thank you for an unforgettable experience!” It was the icing on the cake. My gift was a success.

Now only one question remains – what to get her for Christmas?