What can we say about our good friend Matt and his beautiful bride Becca? They are two of the sweetest people we’ve ever met and their wedding weekend was nothing short of spectacular. It first started with a harbor boat trip around Lake George where their closest friends and family enjoyed stunning views and a beautiful sunset. After the boat ride, Matt and Becca hosted a bonfire back at the Sagamore where they ate smores, enjoyed live music, and celebrated their love. 

Their wedding day started with rain.

Side note: most people are aware that it’s good luck, but what most people don’t know is the reason why it’s good luck. Thanks to Taylor, who recently dropped this knowledge on us, back in the day a bride and groom would literally tie a knot in some rope (hence the saying “tie the knot”), and when it rained, the knot was much stronger. So although not the best for wedding activities, rain on your wedding day is good luck! 

Back to Matt & Becca’s day.  Although it rained for much of the morning and afternoon, we got extremely lucky and caught a break from the storm at the perfect time of day. We captured of our all-time favorite photographs – Matt & Becca on a wet doc with a family of ducks close by. It was a fantastic wedding weekend and we were honored to be apart of it!

Wedding Cinema and Photography by Michael Justin Studios


Cinematography:  Michael Justin Studios
     Lead Cinema: Edison Koo
     2nd Cinema: Ruben Collado
Photography: Michael Justin Studios
     Lead Photographer: Michael Justin
    2nd Photographer: Donnell Culver
Venue: Lake George Club