What an incredible engagement session we had with Nikki & Greg at Gouveia Winery in Wallingford, CT. It was everything you could hope for as a photographer – a fun and good looking couple, gorgeous weather, and a location with breathtaking scenery! We started the session over by this big weeping willow tree where we shot individual portraits of Nikki and Greg as well as some fun shots of them together. We then made our way over to the pond area and followed that up with some shots over in the vineyards. We were hoping to get some photos of Greg and Nikki with the nearby horses, but they seemed more interested in other things!

At this point the sun was dropping and we were getting that magical golden hour light. It was perfect! We snapped a few more shots in the vineyards and even managed to get the drone in the air for a few. We concluded the session after the sun had set with a night shot. Nikki and Greg, we can’t wait to photograph your wedding in September!

Gouveia Winery Engagement Session photos by Michael Justin Studios


How did you meet each other?
SAC Capital. Nikki had looked on LinkedIn to see who she might know at the company before starting and noticed Greg and thought he might be the brother of one her sorority sisters. A few weeks after starting, Nikki went up to Greg’s desk and asked if he was Bari’s brother and introduced herself. We became friendly after that and socialized at work functions.

Bring us back to that first encounter. What were you wearing? What were you feeling? Who made that first contact?
Nikki – probably some sort of dress. It was August. I remember feeling nervous and hesitant before I went to his desk and wondering if I was weird for doing so. I had a pep talk and told myself it was something my mom would do and it’s nice to be friendly.

Greg – probably a button down and slacks. and definitely a crew neck undershirt (yikes!). I didn’t really have any feelings other than that she was slightly weird.

After that first meeting, how did you feel about the other person? Who made the all-important follow-up phone/text/email?
Nikki – no feelings other than happy to know someone new.

Greg – no feelings other than slightly embarrassed when a co worker asked why HR was at my desk and if she was my girl.

THE MOMENT: 2011 Holiday party. Greg and I ended up near each other and hung out most of the night. I initiated a FB message and asked for his number.

Tell us about your first date? Where did you go? Did you meet at the location or did you go together? What did you talk about? Was conversation easy?
January 21, 2013. It was MLK day so we were both off of work. Greg went into the office to catch up on somethings and to work out. We think Nikki initiated drinks that night and we met at a restaurant that has since changed but is still one of our favorite spots. We met there and Nikki had a mojito while Greg had a beer, We talked about work and family. Conversation was easy and enjoyable…so we planned dinner for that Thursday.

What was one thing you took away from that first date that still holds true today?
Greg: Nikki talks a lot

Nikki: Greg is a good listener and very easy to talk to

Nikki: His heart. He loves very fully and deeply.

Greg: The way she treats others

What is the one thing you’ve learned from the other person as a result of your relationship?

Nikki: the importance of details and that people communicate differently

Greg: how to be compassionate and a real appreciation for food and wine

What was the moment or moments that lead you to know you were in love?

Nikki: It was all the little moments that added up. We had months of great meals, great conversation, and a natural progression into the deep affection we have for one another today.

When you are apart from one another, what do you miss about them most?

Nikki: everything. The way he holds me and sniffs me.

Greg: The way she smells. And having my person around to tell everything to.