Amagansett, the forgotten town of Eastern Long Island, is sandwiched between East Hampton and Montauk. Within Amagansett sits Napeague beach, a stretch of gorgeous sand and sea on the southern coast of Long Island and although a public beach, might as well be private given the number of people who use it.  This beach is special to Daniel. He and his family have been going out there their whole lives and shared many memories in and around that beach. Kaylee, a Long Island girl born and raised, had been going out to Montauk her whole life as well.  So when it was time for Daniel propose, he knew it had to be done there. He knew Kaylee would love this beach proposal.

It was Memorial Day weekend, and after enjoying themselves with friends at The Sloppy Tuna, they headed home to shower and get ready for a nice romantic date night. Before heading out, Daniel suggested he and Kaylee walk the beach and enjoy the beautiful weather. And so they did. They walked up and down the beach holding hands, taking selfies, enjoying the seclusion and picturesque views, and looking for sea glass (or ‘glass rocks’ as Daniel calls it).

As Daniel and Kaylee walked, they searched for sea glass to add to their memory book – something they’ve been keeping since the start of their relationship . It was at that moment he let Kaylee walk ahead of him and without her knowing, got down on his knee.

“Oh I think I found a piece!” he shouted.

When she turned around, she saw him there.

After the proposal, Daniel and Kaylee continued down the beach to head out for their date night. But when she turned the corner she saw something magical: her mother, father, grandmother, sister, and brother, along with Daniel’s family, all there to help celebrate the occasion. They hugged and kissed and we snapped picture after picture taking in all the wonderful memories.

What a magical moment for two incredible people.