One of the best parts about what we do is starting a friendship with the couples we meet. Last year we had the honor of filming Kimberly and Matthew’s wedding from Beckwith Pointe. As with most of our couples, we got to know them better in the months and weeks leading up to their wedding.
A little over a year and a half later, we get the wonderful news they’re expecting their first baby! They asked if we could take some photos to document this joyous occasion – which of course, we said “yes” to.

We drove up to Connecticut to their beautiful condo and were immediately welcomed by their one year old pup, Max. As if a new born wasn’t hard enough, Kimberly and Matt also have to deal with a rowdy puppy! All he wants to do is lick your face!

It took a little while for baby Elena to warm up to the idea of a photo shoot 2 weeks into her life and she often let us know about her displeasure. But after a while, she hammed it up for the camera, even cracking a smile every now and then.

We couldn’t be happier for Kimberly and Matt and hope they enjoy these photos for years to come.