Last week we ran a contest to get to 1,000 facebook fanpage likes by February 8th 11:59pm. If we hit the mark we’d offer one lucky winner a free photoshoot of their choosing. Although we came up just shy of our goal (924 as of this blog post), we decided to give away the prize anyway. We took all 924 fans of ours and using a random generator selected our winner, Lori!
Sometimes things work out as you hope – this was one of those times.  Lori lives in Manhattan and was available to shoot this past Sunday – one of the only dates we had available until later this summer. She’s also extremely beautiful, which made my job way easier. She has no modeling background but as you’re about to see, she got the hang of it and did a fantastic job!

We walked into central park around 3:30p and I immediately saw a great area that had beautiful light peaking through some of the distant buildings. We set up there for the first hour. Here are some of my favorites from this part of the day:


Are you kidding me with this one? I can see this on the cover of a magazine!


We noticed a father and son playing catch nearby – we politely asked if Lori could join. They were happy to have another person to toss to.0011-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0013-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori

OK, it’s official – I’m OBSESSED with trees…including this one. I love the engravings on the bark. I think it gives the tree so much character, like scars from a long life of battle. Here’s Lori relaxing against it as the sun starts to set.

0014-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-LoriAt around 5pm Lori’s boyfriend Eric was able to join us. Taking photos like these are never easy, especially for a guy. Eric was a great sport and after the session I think I even heard him say he had fun! 0015-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0016-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0017-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0018-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0019-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0020-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0021-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-LoriThis is probably my favorite photo of the two of them!0022-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0023-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0024-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0025-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0026-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0027-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0028-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0029-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0030-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0031-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0032-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori0033-Central-Park-Photo-Portraits-Lori