Well, wedding season is officially here! And with that, comes a lot less time to do things like blog. Add everything that goes along with preparing for a child and you’ll understand why blogging has gone down on the list of things I am able to do in a timely manner. But I’m finally caught up on all my edits so here we are, Sarah and John’s awesome engagement session from central park! I need to get this out of the way (sorry John but it was too cool to NOT mention) – this was the first time a couple was ‘packing heat’ on an engagement shoot! Yes, John was carrying a firearm and yes, I was a little more confident that day.

Alright, moving on. Anyone who knows John or Sarah knows they’re special people. Sarah has this warm and bubbly personality while John’s is tender and caring. We laughed so much during our shoot, it was like we’d known each other for years. Our intention that day was to start over by the Central Park Boathouse and wander around the area aimlessly. On my way over, however, I noticed this incredible field with beautiful trees, a large rock, and the perfect lighting. We spent most of the session in and around this area.

After exhausting every inch, we headed west past the Bethesda Fountain and came across another patch of grass that was being hit w/ soft, diffused light. We ended the session there as the last rays of sun past behind the new york city buildings. It was an awesome session and I can’t wait for their wedding in a few short weeks!