Alyssa and Ed met while attending Villanova University – she a freshman, he a sophomore. Fast forward 8 years, and here we were, back on campus to take engagement photos. I’ve known Alyssa literally all my life…well, since I was two, so maybe not all my life. Growing up with a little sister has been great and as we’ve grown older, we’ve become closer. I was so happy I was able to shoot her engagement photos and capture the love she and Ed have for one another. Since they are both insanely good looking, it made my job much much easier.

The sunflowers added a great prop to the shoot and the color coordination was spot on – good job Alyssa! Next up was Ed’s finance building where he spent the majority of his time while getting his degree. I wanted a more hardcore look for this photo so I had Alyssa and Ed give me some sass and blasted them with a Canon 600 EXRT flash with a small soft box. Very happy with the way this photo came out.


After shooting outside we headed indoors to take some photos in a classroom and then one of the coffee stands Alyssa used to get coffee from pretty regularly.



Ed’s a huge basketball fan and still plays today – one of the shots he wanted was on the court he used to play on for hours. I like these photos b/c it was the only time during our shoot that the sun peaked out from behind the clouds – made for some nice dramatic shots!


The rest of the shoot was spent around Villanova’s beautiful Chapel and lawn area.



These are my three favorite shots of the day.


We had them roll around in the grass which ended up producing some really fun images!


This photo is very “Twilight” – or so I’ve been told.


Took a few takes to get the lighting just right, but I’m very happy with this image!!