This is the story of a life 90 years in the making, told through the memories of those who know it best.

Michael’s grandmother suffers from dementia, a terrible disease that affects his family in many ways.

Filming his family and listening to them recount the moments they’ve shared with his grandmother left us bittersweet — grateful to have experienced those times with them but upset at his grandmother’s current mental state.

The greatest thing about film is it allows us to step back in time and relive parts we often forget about. Michael always questioned his mother for filming every aspect of their lives, often complaining that “no one is ever going to watch this.” He’s just glad his mother never listened.

UPDATE: it is with our deepest regret and sadness to announce that Michael’s grandmother has passed away. 91 years young, she fought to her last breath. She passed with all of us around her, comfortable in her own bed — not a bad way to go. We love you, and miss you already.