Renegade Princess - The Dream


Our talented friend Ann Marie Houghtailing took the story of her life and made it into an hysterical one-woman-show that has taken New York by storm. To help build hype and attract potential production giants like HBO and Showtime, we were hired to create a quick "tease" that would assist in their efforts. As someone who has seen the show, I highly recommend checking out the show the next time it's in New York!

About Renegade Princess: Renegade Princess is the myth of the American fairy tale undone. Exploding with surprising, raw truth and dripping with self-deprecating humor, the autobiographical tale is woven with humanity and irreverence into a wickedly sharp narrative. Marriage, living in Japan, motherhood and the demands of post divorce life provide a rich landscape for tenderness, humor, heartbreak and depth. Renegade Princess is a quick paced, outrageous and bawdy journey of one woman’s quest to rise above the myth.