Flash Mob Wedding In Times Square - The Rehearsal


About a month ago a photographer friend of mine, Gen Nishino, called me up with an opportunity to be apart of a fantastically talented group of people to capture a flash mob during a wedding ceremony in Times Square. Of course I immediately jumped at the opportunity since flash mobs, proposals, surprises - basically anything that involves spontaneity and true, raw, reactions - is right up my alley. It's been a hectic few weeks trying to get everything figured out. We have an amazing choreographer, Abri Hellmuth, heading the 50 dancers that have graciously donated their time, a very excited bride and groom, a very talented photographer to snap stills, and myself and six other videographers to help cover all the moments that will go down in one of the most congested locations in the world. The event is happening tonight, 6/19, at 8:30pm on the bleachers at 46th and Broadway in Times Square, NYC.

Here are a few stills that I snapped during one of our rehearsals. Hope to see you there!!!

Flash Mob Rehearsal

Flash Mob Rehearsal 2

Flash Mob Rehearsal 3

Flash Mob Rehearsal 4

Flash Mob Rehearsal 5

Flash Mob Rehearsal 6

Flash Mob Rehearsal 7