Baby Riley - A Family Portrait Session in Van Suan Park, New Jersey


Those that don't know, I work a regular day job at Madison Square Garden during the week and then do Michael Justin Films on the weekends. My job at MSG is basically the complete opposite of Michael Justin Films - a lot of spreadsheets, organization, meetings, etc. Jen is someone I work closely with at MSG and only knows me in that realm. After she returned from maternity leave, I told her how I'd love to shoot her and her husband Kevin, and their new boy Riley. We decided on Van Suan Park in New Jersey, a beautiful place that has everything from wooded areas to big open fields to playgrounds. After being stuck in some monumental traffic crossing the George Washington Bridge and delaying us a bit, we hit the ground running.

I spotted a beautiful weeping willow tree not too far from where we parked and headed straight for it. I love these trees and the way the branches flow and surround the person.

New Jersey Baby Photography New Jersey Baby Photography New Jersey Baby Photography New Jersey Baby PhotographyNext we made our way over to this wooded area - it was a pretty bright day out so I needed places that were hidden from the harsh sun. I found this group of trees that had some cool looking roots. I really like this photo and the interaction between everyone. New Jersey Baby Photography Loved his little plaid shirt! New Jersey Baby Photography After a long day, Riley was pretty exhausted from all the work we put him through. Here he is relaxing in his stroller. Watch out ladies, this little guy is going to be a looker! New Jersey Baby Photography